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Sophia Jones
Creative Director

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Brenda Wills
Article Writer, LA

Great fellowship, lifelong friends, community of Christ follower, worship, children’s classes and to top it all off, preaching from the Word of God. These are the words that describe IBCC. I came to know Christ in 2008, I am really blessed to have heard the Gospel preached. Few years since my salvation, I began a search for a church where the Word of God is really preached from the pulpit. By God’s grace, I discovered IBCC and am assured that I have found the right church to belong to. IBCC places significant emphasis on growing as a Christian. From several Bible study classes throughout the week, sermons full of the truth from the Bible to Bible Training College, there is something for Christians of all stages of spiritual maturity to grow, nurture and develop their faith. Children are also welcomed and cherished at IBCC, being a parent of a 3 and 1 year olds, I find it such a blessing to have Creche and Sunday school classes to enable children to learn about the truth of the Word of God from such a young age. I am truly blessed to be part of IBCC, a living, growing body of believers – the Church.

Alex Prasetya

Back in 2015, after we had been away in the Philippines for a time, my family and I were in need of a Church that had Bible Studies at different levels, a structured children’s ministry for various age groups, and above all a Pastor who loves the Lord and leads people into a right relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.

Wonderfully, I met up with Pastor Erwin at a mutual friend’s family birthday event, and after my conversation with him, I decided to visit the Church of IBC central for a few weeks and see how it all went.

Well, the rest is history now! After more than 3.5 years of attendance, all my family are enjoying the Lord and growing in Him, even as life’s challenges are not getting any easier. I see everyone at IBC central being loved and accepted, strengthened and encouraged, by each other and of course by the faithful teaching of God’s Word. As a result, God is working through and with His people at IBC central. It is truly exciting and refreshing every week!

At IBC central there is a place and ministry for everyone to be involved as God leads them, and the Church leadership will train and support all of God’s servants to be effective for Him. Praise the Lord!

Mike McHugh

Testimony of Mike McHugh and Family

“Being at IBC Central has been a blessing for me. In IBC Central, I see God at work in changing lives. I see God revealing Himself through the church. I see what true love looks like in action. I have built really close friendships during my time at the church. I love the fact that people accept and love me, not because of who I am and where I’m from, but because of the identity that we share together as Christians. It is truly wonderful to see how Jesus’ death for our sins, burial and resurrection has united people from all kinds of background and walks of life. I trust that whoever would visit the church will see the same love that I see.”


Personal Story of Abraham Suryantyo
Office Administrator

I am blessed to be one of the Deacons at IBCC. Being part of this church means more to me than being part of a family that loves the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I grew up in this church – physically and spiritually.

8 and a half years ago, God gave me – a single, young man back then – the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone by moving into a newly-founded church and serving Him there. A year later, my wife – who was still my girlfriend at that time – also felt God’s calling for her to move from her church to IBCC. Throughout the years, we have been immensely blessed by the Biblical teachings we’ve received and the Godly principles we’ve learnt through Sunday’s preaching and attending weekly Bible Studies including Bible Training College for Leaders (BTCL). The major highlight for both of us was graduating from our 5-year long BTCL course in the same month and year that we got married in front of God, our family, and friends.

Being part of IBCC encouraged us to put into action what we’ve been seeing, hearing, and learning from God’s Word. It gave us the place where we can worship in Spirit and in Truth, to serve God and others in love, and to constantly be humbled by what God is doing in our lives.

Being part of this church reminds us that no matter what ministries we are part of – whether it be me serving through the audio/visual set up on Sunday mornings, or my wife playing the guitar in the worship team, or both of us together serving as youth leaders – that all of these are for the purpose of honouring and glorifying the Almighty God.


Testimony of Joseph Dela Cruz and Rosamond Dela Cruz
Youth Leaders
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